Thursday, 29 October 2015

Differences Between Obj-open and Obj-open By-Handle: Obj-open Opens the work pbject Using Keys
Ex  :pyID

Both the methods returns single instances from data base

Obj-open can be used  if you dont know the is handle

if you have is handle it s better to use Obj-open-by-handle

Obj-open -By-Handle:It is used to we have the handle to open the object that is "pzInskey"

this method will open only one record at a time

ReleaseOn Commit:Is optional using the Obj-open method and if you can check the lock true in such

 cases it is recommanded to use the Release  on commit that is the lock will be released whenever the

commit happens in case you descided to keep the release on commit checkbox and un checked then

even after the commit the lock will be help in such cases we have to use "page -unlock method to

explicitly Release the logs.  
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