Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pega Interview Questions:

1)What is Access Group?

2)What is different types of inheritence?

3)What is the diifference between Abstract Class and Concrete class

4)What is work party?

5)What is a Product?

6)What Covers and Folders?

7)What is Split-Join?

8)What is Split-ForEach?

9)What is Ticket?

10)What is skimming?

11)What is clipboard?

12)What is pyWorkPage?

13)What is pz* properties?

14)What is py* properties?

15)What is declared page?

16)What is spin-off?

17)Types of inheritance

18)What is AES?

19)How do we use Tracer? Trace by rule

20)What is forward and backward chaining

21)What is BPM?

22)What is difference between BRE and BPM?

23)What is the difference between Folder and Cover?

24)what is the work object?

25) what is The Class structure?

26)) how to create Class , class group?

27)Access group?How to create Access group?

28)what is the Harness ?Section?

29)what is Flow Action?

30)what is Clipboard?

31)what is PAL?

32)what is the SMA?

33)what is Ticket?

34)what is the Declare expression?

35)where the work object Stored?
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