Saturday, 12 December 2015

Declare On Change

Declare On Change:

This Rule can be applied On changing  The Property Value ,An activity Will be Called Automatically Based on Certain Condition Here The activity Must be Aplied On change 

Creation Of Declare On change:

=>First Create  On change Rule

=>We need Create 
1.When Condition:

When .Property <  "  "



Property -set-Message Expand This

Message="if any write should be greater"

Field =Property

=>Go to Security Tab

Activity Type=On change

Now Create On change

Class Group ---- Decision -----Declare On change

Properties To Watch



when    property when

choose  action    Call Activity

When True Run

Activity   On change property

=>Go to Section Age Property  Behaviour is  Set On ChangeEvent

Note :If  U  Not Understanding of Creation Of this Rule Please Comment. Immediately  This post changed to Graphical(images) Explain

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